Already have a cottage? You could generate a meaningful income!


Guaranteed fixed monthly income

Many cottage owners have considered renting their property but faced a number of hurdles:

  • The constant search for customers is time consuming. How do you reach a maximum number of people? What platform should you use? Charges can be significant if you are using several channels.
  • Supporting your guests with directions, instructions and adding value to their stay is important to getting the right reviews, the one that drives more bookings
  • Manual rental contracts, payment schedules and safety deposit collection and refund require a lot of attention and constant monitoring
  • Your property needs to be clean at all times, and that includes your lawn and snow removal. That is a lot to coordinate on a weekly basis.

Cottage Co makes it easy for you

  • You get a fixed monthly income regardless of occupancy rates and market conditions
  • We have the approach to market your property, find quality guests and ensure positive reviews
  • You don't worry about cleaning, fixing, mowing or plowing, we do
  • You get a solid revenue generating investment that covers more than your cost of financing and operating.

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A solid investment

Real estate remains one of the best investment you can make if you have a long term perspective.

Buying a second property can be an excellent investment over time, but there again you need to jump over several hurdles:

  • The financial impact of a second property is significant: you get double the bills
  • Lenders will ask you for more guarantees, higher cash down
  • Banks do not finance properties for short term rentals but yet it offers a great return. This is the way consumers want to travel!
  • This is an active investment. You need to commit a significant amount of your time.

We own several properties, we have all the scars of dealing with the lenders, the insurers, we can help you!

  • We can help you build your business case and convert your investment from short term rentals to long term leasing (more than 12 months). This will help you get a warmer reception from the lenders. With a 1 year contract with Cottage Co, your investment is now like investing in an apartment building. This is bread and butter now for the banks.
  • Hassle free: we take care of bookings, payments, cleaning and everything else.
  • You get a guaranteed monthly payment from Cottage Co covering  more than your financing and operating costs. You pay your capital, you get the increased value of real estate over time 
  • Enjoy your cottage when it is not earning revenues.

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